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Do you love the look of wood plank floors but don’t want the maintenance or cost of upkeep associated with them? Is your pre-existing concrete in need of a facelift? Consider wood stamped concrete flooring from Epoxy San Jose! These unique floors are designed to mimic the aesthetic of wood floors on the surface of your concrete. The finish on the floor is incredibly realistic and can be designed to match a variety of different types of wood colors and patterns. Our experts are able to complete the wood stamping process on both new and pre-existing concrete slabs, making them the perfect choice for both home and business owners. Instead of spending large amounts of money to remove concrete and install a new flooring option, stamping is an affordable way to transform the slab and prevent it from damages in the future. Ready to learn more about our concrete stamping services? Don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

    Wood Stamped Concrete Quote

    Wood Stamped Concrete Quote

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    All About Wood Stamped Concrete

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    wood stamped concrete
    Wood Stamped Concrete Flooring

    Wood concrete flooring is a truly unique way to take bland concrete slabs and transform them into a surface that can mimic even the most expensive wood planks. The process is affordable and often costs less than having concrete removed and new flooring materials installed. There are virtually no limitations on color and design patterns, making stamped concrete one of the most versatile flooring systems available. The materials are able to stand up to demanding environments and weather, making these floors excellent for indoor or outdoor installation.

    Stunning Results
    Stunning Results

    One of the biggest perks with wood stamped concrete floors is the stunning realistic finish they provide. These floors can create such an accurate representation of wood planks by setting the design and pattern into the concrete before the material sets. This helps to lock in the design and keep it looking bold for many years. Even when up close to these floors, it can be difficult to tell the difference between stamped concrete and traditional wood planks. Have questions about the different types of stamped concrete we provide? Reach out to us via phone or email.

    Indoor and Outdoor wood concrete
    Indoor or Outdoor Settings

    Another major benefit to choosing wood concrete flooring is it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Whether you want to feature bold wood planks in your driveway or concrete patio or create a focal point in your basement or kitchen, these floors can be used nearly anywhere. We can also provide you with the concrete slab before the stamping process if you do not have it currently installed. With the hot California summers, you won’t have to worry about fading or damage occurring from direct sunlight with strong and durable stamped concrete.

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    Benefits of Wood Concrete Floors

    Longevity, Aesthetic, and Easy Maintenance

    Read below to learn more about the benefits of wood stamped concrete.

    Customizable aesthetics san jose

    Customizable Aesthetic

    With a wood concrete floor, you won’t have to sacrifice color, design, or beautiful aesthetics! The final design is completely customizable and can be formulated to mimic any color or style of wood plank. Another bonus is that even with the bold and stunning designs, there is no sacrifice on durability or longevity. Whether you like light colored small planks or bold large planks, our experienced experts can provide a flawless installation to meet your preferences. There are also different coatings that can be applied to apply additional protection to your concrete or help to keep the surface skid-resistant when wet.

    simple maintenance
    Simple Maintenance

    When compared to wood plank floors, wood stamped concrete is considerably easier and more affordable to maintain. Regular wood floors can require expensive upkeep that will depend on the environment it is located in. Indoor floors can become scratched from furniture or foot traffic while outdoor concrete can become damaged from weather and fluctuating temperatures. The benefit of wood stamped concrete is you will not have to pay for expensive upkeep or maintenance, as these floors require little to keep them looking new. On average, a wet mop or outdoor hose can be used to remove spills while a dry mop can remove dust and debris.

    long lifespan
    Long Lifespan

    When compared to traditional wood, stamped concrete floors have an incredibly long lifespan with little maintenance needed to keep them functioning like new. Wood floors require meticulous upkeep to maintain the quality of the materials, which can become expensive over time. On average, you can expect a stamped concrete floor to last 25 years or more depending on the environment and amount of foot traffic. Wood floors are known to last anywhere from 10-15 years but often need repairs after just a few years’ time. Have questions about our wood concrete services? We’re ready to help with any concerns.

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