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Commercial businesses need a flooring system that is able to withstand the daily demands of foot traffic, moving merchandise, and frequent cleaning. We also understand you want your floor to look sleek and create a welcoming environment for you, your staff, and your customers. Traditional flooring materials like stone, tile, and even bare concrete often start strong but require extensive maintenance and upkeep to stand up against demanding environments. Often, these materials can become cracked, chipped, or faded in just a few years’ time!

Choosing a commercial epoxy floor from Epoxy Flooring San Jose guarantees you are receiving only the best quality of materials from the finest manufacturers. Our contractors have years of experience working with epoxy and are able to complete the job quickly, with minimal interruption to your necessary business functions. No matter what your concrete flooring goals are for your business, we can help find the best epoxy solution for you.

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    Commercial Epoxy For Healthcare San Jose
    Commercial Epoxy For Healthcare

    Epoxy floors are an excellent option for healthcare settings such as long-term care facilities, hospitals, laboratories, and other areas that must meet strict hygiene standards. The seamless, moisture-resistant surface of an epoxy floor helps to minimize the number of bacteria that are able to grow on the floor, making them a sanitary option for healthcare settings. The surface of epoxy is also slip-resistant, so you can be sure your staff and guests will be safe from falls while walking on your concrete floors. Even moving heavy hospital equipment like machines and beds is no match for the strong, scratch-resistant surface.

    Commercial Epoxy For Kitchens
    Commercial Epoxy For Kitchens

    Professional kitchens and restaurant settings can all benefit from an epoxy flooring system, as they provide a skid-resistant surface and seamless finish. Kitchens and food preparation areas must meet strict hygiene standards for food safety, which is where epoxy can help. These floors have a seamless finish that makes it difficult for mold and bacteria to grow, so you can be sure the area will be easy to sanitize. The risk of slips, falls, and injuries are also lower with epoxy because you can choose additives that keep the surface safe, when wet!

    Commercial Epoxy for Manufacturing
    Commercial Epoxy for Manufacturing

    Manufacturing settings like warehouses and factories need a flooring option that can withstand heavy foot traffic, the use of machinery like forklifts, and chemical spills. Bare concrete can become damaged or stained from these elements but an epoxy coating can protect the concrete and help to prolong its overall lifespan. These coatings require low maintenance and are designed to look new for years, even with heavy impact and traffic. The increased weight resistant is a huge benefit for manufacturing businesses, so you can transport materials and use machinery with no fear of causing scratches or abrasions to the surface of your new floor.

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    Benefits of Commercial Epoxy Flooring

    Strong, Durable, and Long Lasting

    Epoxy flooring offers countless benefits to commercial business settings such as:

    Simple to Maintain
    Simple to Maintain

    One of the most popular features of epoxy flooring is the ease of maintenance required to keep the surface looking sleek and new. Traditional flooring materials like stone can require extensive maintenance to prolong the longevity of the floor, which can add up to serious expenses over time. With an epoxy floor, you can focus more on your business functions each day and less on the time needed to clean the floors. A dry dust mop and gentle wet cleaner are all that are required to keep the floor looking shiny.

    Excellent Durability
    Excellent Durability

    Epoxy is one of the most durable flooring materials available, as it is able to stand up against moisture, temperatures, spills, and many more damaging elements. When compared to other flooring materials, epoxy has an exceptionally long lifespan and is resistant to fluctuating weather and temperatures. You will be able to complete your business routines as normal without having to worry if any chemical spills or solvents will cause damage to your floors. It can help to bring you peace of mind and more time to focus on your business elements.

    Customizable Design San Jose
    Customizable Design

    Many commercial businesses like hotels, retail stores, and restaurants are looking for a flooring option that can provide durability and a visually stunning appearance. Unlike bare concrete with limited colors, epoxy is available in a wide color scheme with many design options to choose from. There are even additives like metallic pigments or epoxy flakes available to create the illusion of movement or to mimic materials like granite. The design options are nearly limitless when it comes to epoxy! Metallic epoxy is one of our most popular installation options, with some business owners choosing to mimic water or lava on the surface of the floor.

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    Epoxy Flooring San Jose is the number one provider of epoxy and concrete restoration services to San Jose and the surrounding communities. Our contractors have years of extensive experience and use only the highest quality materials available to the California area. You can choose our company with peace of mind knowing we are fully licensed, insured, and provide a warranty on our labor services. You should always have an experienced professional complete any epoxy installation or maintenance, as there are certain steps that must be taken to create a seamless surface. Incorrectly installed epoxy coatings may be subject to damage, which can lead to concrete damage or accidental injuries. If you are ready to learn more about our epoxy flooring services or want to receive a free quote, give us a call today.