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As a San Jose, California resident, you know how hot and unpredictable the temperatures can be. Outdoor concrete patios can become faded, worn, and even cracked from fluctuating temperatures or from being in direct sunlight. When patio concrete becomes damaged, it can lead to accidental injuries, especially when the concrete is located near a pool. One of the easiest ways to refresh worn or damaged concrete is with a patio overlay. These overlays are designed to repair minor issues with your concrete slab while also working to protect the integrity of the material for years to come. The overlays are designed from a combination of materials, including a polymer resin blend, which creates a strong, seamless, durable surface. Ready to learn more? Keep reading or reach out to us today for more information!

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    Types of Patio Overlays

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    Stampable Overlays san jose
    Stampable Overlays
    Stampable overlays are a great choice for both indoor and outdoor concrete patios because they are designed to mimic other flooring materials like stone or wood. The design options are virtually endless, as you can control the final colors, variations, and details to create a truly unique work of art. You won’t need to sacrifice strength or durability with a stampable overlay, these unique coatings still work to protect the existing concrete slab. These are some of the easiest and most cost-effective types of overlays to install, making them a great choice for residential and commercial applications!
    Self-Leveling Overlays San Jose
    Self-Leveling Overlays

    These overlays are a great choice for refreshing a concrete surface that has multiple damages or blemishes on the surface. It’s important that you always have a licensed concrete expert install a self-leveling overlay, as these can be complicated and require extensive steps to ensure a functioning patio floor. With the help of an underlayment, these floors provide a barrier between the overlay and the damaged concrete slab. As long as there is not extensive damage to the structural integrity of the concrete, a self-leveling overlay is a cost-effective way to extend the life of your concrete patio.

    Multi-purpose Overlays
    Multi-purpose Overlays

    These are one of the most unique types of patio overlay, as they create a truly unique final flooring surface. These coatings are crafted with special tools and procedures to create breathtaking textures and design patterns. Due to the complicated nature of these overlays, it’s important to ensure your pre-existing concrete slab is in solid structural condition before applying the coating. It’s also important that your slab is free of excess moisture, as this can affect the functionality and longevity of the patio overlay. Reach out to our experts here at Epoxy Flooring San Jose to learn more about the options that would benefit your concrete patio.

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    Benefits of Patio Overlays

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    Bare concrete patios are subject to damage from countless factors, including the hot summer temperatures in San Jose. Years of exposure to sun and weather can cause concrete to become faded and cracked, which can lead to expensive structural damages. Concrete overlays not only add a beautiful design aesthetic to your patio but also provide an exceptionally long lifespan when compared to other flooring materials. When installed by a licensed professional, a patio overlay can help to extend the life of your concrete by more than ten years! Ready to get your free no obligation quote? Reach out to us today.

    Increased Safety
    Increased Safety

    Did you know that when the concrete on your patio or pool deck becomes damaged it can also lead to accidental slips and falls? This can be especially dangerous when the concrete is located near an open pool. To be sure your kids, pets, and loved ones are safe while spending time outdoors, consider a patio overlay from Epoxy Flooring San Jose. A professionally installed overlay can ensure there is no opportunity for excess water to pool in cracks and cause slips or injuries. They can also be helpful in lowering the surface temperature of your patio area, making it more comfortable to walk on during the summer months.


    Bare concrete patios can become damaged from a variety of factors, including weather events, fluctuating temperatures, and impacts from various sources. If the concrete is located near a pool, it may also become damaged from the excess amounts of moisture. A professionally installed patio overlay is the easiest way to not only upgrade the appearance of your concrete patio but also protect the pre-existing slab. You won’t have to worry about hot summer temperatures or foot traffic causing your concrete to crack when you have a strong and durable overlay installed by Epoxy Flooring San Jose.

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