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Epoxy Flooring San Jose is the number one provider of concrete restoration and epoxy coatings in the area! Bare concrete floors provide great durability and can last for years but without a coating, the surface is susceptible to damage from many different factors. Issues such as dropped items, heavy machinery, or constant foot traffic can lead to concrete floors becoming chipped, faded, or cracked. One of the easiest and most affordable ways to transform your bare concrete into a strong and visually stunning floor is with a concrete coating from Epoxy Flooring San Jose! Our concrete coatings provide a moisture resistant finish to the surface of your concrete which helps to protect it from damage from water as well as regular wear and tear.

We are proud to provide concrete coating services to residential, commercial, and industrial clients in San Jose and the surrounding area. Reach out to us with any questions and don’t hesitate to take advantage of our free no obligation estimates.

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    Common Areas For Concrete Coating Application

    Great for residential, commercial, and industrial locations

    Versatile and beautifully stunning floor coatings

    Garage Concrete Coatings
    Garage Concrete Floor Coatings

    Whether you have a residential or commercial auto garage, concrete coatings can help to add increased durability to your floor and make it a great area for working on vehicles. Our concrete coatings are designed to be resistant against staining from things like oil, as well as damage from hot tires and dropped items. The increased weight resistance is great for garages because it allows you to move and store nearly any item with no risk of damages. The surface of a coated concrete garage floor also helps to reduce dust and keep your garage looking sleek and clean. Choosing a concrete coating for your garage is a great way for homeowners to boost the overall value of their home!

    Basement San Jose
    Basement Concrete Floor Coatings

    Many home and business owners avoid using their basements due to the dark and damp aesthetic they can have. Concrete coatings are one of the most affordable ways to transform your basement from a damp, unusable space into an area the whole family can enjoy together. You won’t have to worry about musty odors forming or stains forming on the surface of your floor when you choose a concrete coating installation. The unique finish of these floors also helps to increase the brightness in the area, which is a bonus for basement settings!

    Commercial Concrete Coatings San Jose
    Commercial Concrete Floor Coatings

    Commercial areas such as schools, hospitals, restaurants, and retail stores can all benefit from a concrete coating installation from Epoxy Flooring San Jose. Concrete floors with coatings are able to withstand heavy foot traffic, machinery use, and chemical spills that are common in commercial environments. The signature shiny finish of coated concrete can not only help to increase the brightness in the area but also create a welcoming aesthetic for employees and customers! Have questions about our commercial concrete floor coatings? Give us a call today.

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    Benefits of Concrete Coatings

    Increased strength, safety, and more.

    This versatile flooring option is great for residential or commercial settings!

    Durability Concrete Coatings

    While bare concrete alone provides good resistance against damage and can last for years, it is still susceptible to structural issues from a variety of sources. Elements like moisture, spills, and dropped items can all be detrimental to a concrete floor as they can cause cracks, stains, and even damage to the slab itself. With a solid concrete coating, your floor will last for years with minimal maintenance required! Whether you have the coating installed in a garage, basement, or commercial area, foot traffic and constant use won’t cause the floor to look dull!

    Increase Safety Concrete Coatings
    Increased Safety

    With any concrete floor, safety is the number one concern where they are installed. You won’t have to worry about accidental slips or injuries due to a slick surface, concrete coatings help to provide additional skid-resistance than bare concrete alone. There are also additives available that can help to keep your floor safe, even when exposed to moisture! Coatings also provide an exceptionally stunning shine on the surface of the floor, which helps to increase the overall brightness of the area. This is a great way to help keep anyone who visits your home or commercial business safe.

    Decorative Concrete
    Decorative Options

    One downfall of bare concrete floors is the dull color and design options available. With coated concrete, the design options are nearly endless! Whether you are looking for a bold, vibrant color to compliment the room or want to try a stunning pattern, concrete coatings are versatile and able to be modified in many ways. It’s common for homeowners to choose bright, fun colors for areas like basements or playrooms where the whole family can spend time together. Want to learn more about the specific design options Epoxy Flooring San Jose offers? You can easily give us a call or send a message.

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    When you choose Epoxy Flooring San Jose to complete your new concrete coating installation, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality materials available to the area! Our contractors are top-rated and have years of experience working with concrete coatings and epoxy flooring systems. You can have peace of mind when working with us, as we are fully licensed, insured, and dedicated to providing flawless concrete coating installations. Our concrete services are some of the most affordable to the area and can be designed to meet your personal preferences. Ready to move forward with a free quote or schedule an appointment? Give us a call!