What to Look for in an Epoxy Contractor

The rise in popularity of epoxy flooring in San Jose, CA, has also given rise to contractors who aren’t qualified to install these floors. Just like any home project, you want to do your due diligence when hiring an epoxy flooring installer. Epoxy can be redone but at a significant price tag. Who wants to go through that? In most cases, you don’t get a second shot at an epoxy floor installation.

 Below you’ll find some important points to consider when hiring a contractor for this job. We will also include some questions to ask your contractor to head off problems before you hire someone. 

Characteristics of a Reputable Company

You want the best floor your money can buy, right? Choosing a reputable company doesn’t start and end with the actual floor. Yes, a great-looking floor is an ideal result, but wouldn’t it be even better to have an easy process with experienced professionals? Here are some points to consider on reputation. 

  • Will the company walk you through the business process? You want a company to share the details about how they schedule, communicate, correct, inform, and invoice you.
  • Are they educators? A good epoxy flooring company will share the details about materials and which ones will suit your space and needs. Not all epoxy floors are the same. 
  • Do they explain the installation process? Contrary to what you see in videos, there is more to mixing and pouring an epoxy floor. Does your ideal company give you the details of protecting your space? Can you be in the space or not during install or the sanding process? 
  • Is the business licensed and insured? You can usually just ask the company these questions and see what they reply with. You can also check out the Better Business Bureau for some of this information. 
  • Have you looked for online reviews or testimonials? Can you find a business that has used their services and call them? You’ll be surprised at how forthcoming people are online/phone when reviewing a business. 

Professionalism is in The Details

Many people won’t dive into the details of a business. This is most often because that takes time to do that sort of research. So here are three detailed points you should most seek out. 

  1. Where do they source their materials? You might think, “What is that to me; why should I care as long as I get the floor I want?” You might not understand even if they tell you, but this question reveals to the business, you mean business. Material sourcing is an important step for a business like ours. We work with reputable companies that give us high-quality supplies to ensure our customers get a quality product. 
  2. Do they do the work, or do they sub-contract? Ideally, you want to be speaking with the company that is doing the actual work, not a contractor you don’t meet until the day that work is scheduled. We build relationships with our customers to ensure high-quality work is achieved. 
  3. Do you own the equipment? A top-notch epoxy flooring company likely owns their equipment and has invested in their business to provide a professional, full-time service; rather than a once in awhile service. 

Good Questions for An Epoxy Contractor

We have given you some things to research either by asking the company or searching online. However, there are direct questions you should ask a contractor beyond, “How long have you been in business?” Take note of these and see how each company you’re interviewing handles the questions. 

  • What kind of preparation is required to install epoxy flooring? 

You want to listen for a few key points when this question is answered. First, this is the most important step in the install process, so if they treat this question with little care or concern, that might be a red flag. Do they shot blast or diamond grind floors? These techniques are newer and help the epoxy bond the best to concrete. 

  • Can you explain your warranty in-depth to me?

Most epoxy installers will offer a warranty, but most consumers will stop once they hear there is a warranty and assume they are covered. Ask your contractor for the details on their warranty to ensure you’re comfortable with the stipulations and restrictions. 

  • What can I expect from your communication system on my project? Do you have a project manager or lead? 

Every business handles this differently, but it’s nice to know you have a resource when you have an ongoing project. This manager or lead is a great source of information and question asking while your project is underway. 

We hope this short guide has given you the insights you need to hire the right epoxy company in San Jose. If you have any questions for us, we would be happy to answer those for you.